I need a beat to write my words to,
ones the haters can’t listen to;
problem is that they try to drown out my voice,
my ears deaf to the world, I only speak
the whole truth, they hear all lies.
These fools take their words to be truth,
spit out insults, watch them fly.
They call me betrayal, they call me cruel,
they’ll yell endlessly at these man-made walls, those fools,
they’ll fight and kick; bow down, I’m the queen.
Shout your meaningless insults, I dare you, I won’t hear anything.
Locked in your glass houses, go stare at your ideals,
your perfect couple, your perfect love, your perfect high heels;
I live in the real world, fools, come watch the world burn down,
Try to stop me, I put on the golden crown
I’ll wave goodbye to you as you drown.
Shoot arrows at me, I dare you, aim for my heart,
Too bad, I’ve got seven lives, sweetheart.
Give me those ugly words, your hurtful calls,
You’ll wait until the day my house burns, my pedestal falls,
Come at me, fools, throw your spears,
They won’t hit; You’ll cower in your boots while I stand at the top without fear.

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