stages of winter to spring

i. together (you are perfect for me.)

together we were beautiful.
together we were two halves of a puzzle piece.
together we fit.
together, we were one.

ii. honeymoon (i love you.)

honeymoon – we loved each other –
honeymoon – we fascinated each other –
honeymoon – we were gold to each other –
honeymoon – we were precious.

iii. apart (why are you doing this to me?)

apart – we began to drift –
apart – we began to walk alone –
apart – we loved each other –
apart – we wished and wanted and failed.

iv. separation (i hated you)

separation – we hated each other –
separation – we felt our souls’ being torn apart –
separation – we couldn’t live –
separation – we were broken.

v. remembering (our pictures together. gone.)

remembering – our kisses, our hugs, our sweet words
remembering – what we were to each other
remembering – when it all fell apart
remembering – our faces. our love. realizing.

vi. spring (i am fond of you. but i let you go.)

spring – winter passed bringing flowers
spring – our souls thawed; we began to breathe –
spring – we began to live –
spring – we became whole again.

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