when you grow older,
the days grow short, nights grow long,
but stars shine brighter

You hear all about it.

The athletes who have to sit out because their limbs wore out, the dancers whose legs gave out, the musicians whose memory became thinner and their hands grew weaker, the workers who could barely stand to walk.

Your prime is in your twenties. When everything about you is at your finest. The sun shines. The gold glitters. You are the star in your life.

But you get older. And those wrinkles, they start to form. The grey hairs fade, your brain no longer works as well, your limbs grow weaker. Your star dims. You are naught but a single speck of dust floating in the cosmos.

So, the days when you shine grow fewer, and the days where you feel like you are nothing grow longer. But, it is on those despondent days that you get to see the stars. You get to appreciate the simplicities of life. What makes your life worth living. What makes up you as a whole that you love and appreciate.

Despite the short length of the haiku, I wanted to convey that feeling. Even though I am in my teen years, I feel like I understand what it feels like to have the bad days and feel like that what you used to be good at, you aren’t good at any more.

I’m a long way from growing old, but I am certain that not only wisdom comes with age, but so does the ability to understand and appreciate the little parts of life that make up your life.

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