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and the first day of a new year dawns,
bringing with it a sunrise of hope
and possibilities and unfulfilled dreams.

a collective sigh of relief
as the mountains and valleys exhale –
a breeze blows across our hair, ruffling it

pen to paper, heart to heart, eye to eye,
we promise and we wish and we hope
for a better year, for a better future,

to achieve our dreams –
our resolutions that we hold steadfast
the first day passes, then the second –

sweat beads on our brow
as we pant and claw our way to those
handwritten goals –

determination in our eyes,
raging fire in our soul,
brimful of hope in our heart

we take our first step in 2021.

Happy 2021, everyone! We hit rock-bottom in 2020. There’s nowhere to go but up!


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