mismatched comedy

yellow polka dots, purple stripes,
clown suits perfect for spring
shit-eating grin and lifted eyebrow,
scholarly smile, hands folded
high heels and suits,
those shoes hurt my feet
mullets and chopped hair,
just wanted a small change
spilled drinks and crumbled napkins,
man, what a messy dinner
flying spit and otherworldly saucers,
did i make you laugh too hard?
blue elephants and purple geese,
don’t forget the green men and red dogs
two lies and a truth,
i swear these all happened
pants on backwards, mismatched ties,
it’s called style, not comedy
taped up dreams, styrofoam streets,
please, the entire world is at my feet
rainbow feelings, real person
i make people laugh for a living,
what did you expect?

This is just a “bit” for me. Inspired by watching too many videos of John Mulaney, in which he can be hilarious and still maintain a straight face. I laugh way too easily 🙂

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