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rainbow-colored wings

she wrapped herself in black and white cloth,
blotting out the rainbow within,
and she let her hair loose
when she wanted to pull it up.

she smiled and laugh and faked it for the crowds
while the fire within her began to burn her up –
burn her black and white cloth up –
so that peeks of rainbow shone through.

she refused to come out when her cloth fell apart
revealing her bright rainbow for the world to see
and she feared the jeers and shouts
at her beauty, at her sexuality, at her person.

but he gently lifted her up off the ground
with his rainbow-colored wings blocking the shouts
and so she learned from him to stand despite blood and pain,
until her own wings unfurled, proudly.

and here she stands today,
proud and mighty for the world to see,
with her rainbow colored wings flaring out behind her,
blood dripping down from the bullets headed their way,
leading – paving – the way
for other black-and-white-clothed exteriors –
interior rainbow beauties.


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