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the green-tailed bird

a green tailed bird,
its talons gripping tight to his shoulders –
the coughs, the shakes –
she touches him…
the bird jumps,
its talons gripping onto her shoulders;
she walks on unknowingly,
her mouth free to the wind –
the coughs and shakes absent –
to her grandma who smiles and laughs
and the green tailed bird eats its next meal,
its talons gripping onto her frail shoulders,
waiting until the coughs and shakes fade
with the wail and the tears
until the breaths that shudder and falter
disappear –
and so the green tailed bird continues
on its deadly journey

If you haven’t figured it out yet (it was pretty blatant), the green bird was to symbolize the coronavirus. It is more imperative than ever for us to wear masks and stay safe. If not for you (if you believe this sickness is a hoax and you don’t need to wear masks), for your parents, friends, and family members who may fall due to your foolishness.


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