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my star in my darkest night

amidst the stifling blanket of darkest night,

i am thankful for the pinpricks of starlights that shine through

from the dreamers

who once walked the same path as me,

who paved the way for me

who raised me,

who provide my inspiration,

who walked besides me despite the twists and turns,

who put me down so i could rise up stronger than before,

who are my stars in my darkest night,

who provide an escape when breathing grows too difficult,

who remind me that i am not and will never be alone.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

Make sure to take the time today to thank those who you are close to! Even though we cannot visit our family members and are separated by computer screens and miles between us, the harvest season spirit CANNOT lag, especially when our spirits have been low this entire year. So, spread the love, spread the thanks, and spread your heart!

Much love,



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