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Chasing Away Grief

gray skies, pearl tears,
ivory keys, wooden walls,
golden pedals, shattered hearts,
trembling fingers, heaving chest.

she is seated at the piano. only her back faces you. but you can picture her face. the tears rolling down her porcelain white cheeks, bouncing off the ivory keys, and into her lap. her fingers are trembling – you can tell from the quivering notes that soar from high to low within seconds. a broken picture lies besides her – a picture of her and her mother. you can hear the sobs cleaving the silent air, in time with the rolling of thunder from outside. her legs pump the golden pedals furiously but you can tell, despite her furious playing, she is heartbroken.

gentle touches, beautiful smiles,
raging anger, unfounded disappointment,
red cheeks, wild hair,
glacial eyes, warm lips

you know the relationship between her and her mother was strained. rocky at best. her mother – the cause of so much hurt, so much anger, so much sadness, so much disappointment in her life. you know her mother accompanied every compliment with a backhanded insult. and you know that the disappointment that came each time her mother turned her away still follows her today. and, now, she is drowning her confusion, her rage, her sorrow away in the quivering notes of the piano.

soft fingers, warm blanket,
gentle kisses, loving reassurances,
silent sympathy, fingers intertwined,
beautiful melody, sweet love

you know her better than yourself. and you know you will be there for her no matter what. so you brush her tears away, wrap her in a blanket, plant gentle kisses on her forehead. you tell her that soon – soon – she will feel better. that soon – soon – she will be able to smile again. that soon – soon – she will get her kisses from you. she giggles at that one. and together you sit on the piano bench, right and left hands intertwined, as her left hand plays a melody in time with your right hand. and, at that moment, you feel so in love with your angel.


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