scenarios of love

first love, fake love

we met around the pond,
accidental greetings, stammering words,
one meeting grew to two,
two to four, four to ten, ten to more,
hands intertwined, lips on lips,
soft touches, warm smiles

two days after a warm day,
a day spent with pink lips and golden glows,
apologies through the phone,
fireworks turned into boredom – he said –
of loving me but looking for new adventures – he said –
of wanting more than i can give – he said –
of crocodile tears and chocolate ice cream – i bawled –
first love turned into fake love.

new love, rich love

coffee and maple pancakes,
cheap booths, warm atmosphere,
snow drifts lazily outside
whirling into the store
with a rush of cold breeze, open door,
and a beautiful man.
of recommended foods and huffed laughs,
freezing hands, scarves and gloves,
phones and numbers, promises and smiles.

first kiss after drinking hot chocolate
under the mistletoe,
our hands intertwined forever,
of warm chocolate filling my mouth
and yours.

of raised voices, intellectual conversations,
arguments, love, fights, happiness,
of two golden bands, white dresses and black suits,
of bouquets and happiness,
i love you – he said –
i love you – i said –
new love turned to rich love.

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