hands grabbing my feet,
so cold, too cold, let me go,
breaths stolen away

Her rise to the top was mercurial. It was breath-taking. It was beautiful. She stripped away the corruption in the world, like silk dropping from her lithe body. No one recognized her from high school.

he touched me again,
i screamed and he bit my tongue,
a doll to please him

She said, “I stand up for these survivors because no one stands up for them.” Her unspoken words rang throughout the crowded room.

she smoothed my hair down,
gave me new clothes and a life,
made sure i was safe

She helped found shelters throughout the country. She advocated for these survivors. She made sure no voice was unheard. And she toppled those who dared to go against her ideals. Her truths.

She was mercurial. She was beautiful.

She was untouchable.

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