the people watch me go.

they are transparent, like ghosts.

i recognize all of their faces – people have wronged.

Sarah, James, Kate, Jong.

there are more, but I can’t bear to see their gaping maws
blood on their faces, accusing eyes

chains shackle me to the walls.

there is a key in front of me.
it will unlock the chains but i can’t bear can’t bear to leave them behind

the ghosts look at me.

my head hurts. my heart burns.

please i say.

i want them back. i want them with me. i want to stay with them.
i want to stop hurting. i want them to stop accusing me. i want to feel.

everyday the chain unfurls a little more.

i am at the door now.

and the golden key is there.

outside is sunny. inside here is numbing. i don’t feel.

i hear a spark of laughter. the ghosts flinch away,
ugly faces contorting in pain from the bright happiness.

i touch the key. the ghosts look at me angrily.

i pick it up, running my fingers along the simple gold design.
a pair of wings running along the side – flying free.

i press it to the chain. the ghosts rush at me, anger anger
anger anger

my heart hurts. my head hurts. my fingers do not tremble.
the ghosts tremble.

the chain unlocks. the door opens. i am outside.

and the ghosts and the house and the chains and the blank walls are gone.

and all i see is the bright bright sun and its warm comfort.

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