The dark was stifling.

she could remember his heavy breathing. how his hands grabbed her wrists her hips her throat her hair. it hurt.

Her hands trembled.

there was a gun next to the bed. a reminder he said of what he could do to her if she resisted. then he sent her off to clean the house. top to bottom he said sparkling clean.

She stayed in bed.

she never talked to her friends anymore. he made sure of that. he made sure that he kept control of her financial affairs. don’t breathe a word to anyone.

She ignored incoming calls.

he dared to threaten her mother. she snapped. the gun. it was right there. besides her. she grabbed it. held it up to his mocking face. her hands did not tremble. it was steady. and she was so tired.

The sun rose outside.

there was a bang. a puddle of blood like a rose unfurling. it was sickening. it was peace. it was found happiness. it was rest. it was pain.

She got out of bed. Fixed the covers. Walked downstairs. Ignored the bloodstain on the door. Grabbed her luggage.

And walked out of the house.

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