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come home

the shouts of terror
the whizz of bullets
the thumping of drums
my heart in my throat

Her tender hands caress his skin,
his eyes looking into horrors,
horrors of the past
he cannot escape.

luis falls blossoming of blood,
the screams “please” “help”
they mean nothing
my hands cover his wound
the light fades out

Whimpers escape his lips,
shattered glass lies in front of him,
she gently touch his hair,
waiting, as she always did.

a burning pain in my leg
lucky they say
almost lost a leg they say
all you see are graveyards
all you say is okay

She kneels besides him,
her breath moving his hairs,
“Come back to me,” she whispers,
“My beautiful love, come home.”

war meant falling through the sky
home meant landing with a jar in his ankles
in his bad leg
come home love he hears
but he continues staring at the graves

She peppers kisses
along his strong jaw
revelling in the strength of his soul,
waiting for him to come home.

come home love
phantom kisses along his jaw
calling him away
his fingers trace luis’s name
come home love

so he leaves.

His breaths even out,
his eyes fluttering open,
filled with remorse and sadness,
but she merely smiles,
brushing his hair away,
planting a tender kiss on his mouth.

“Don’t worry, love,” she says fondly,
“You came home.
That is all I can ask for.”


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