The Different Pieces of Love

Love – golden bubble
– happiness
True love’s kiss
to wake the sleeping beauty
from her deep slumber.
Pot of overflowing gold
at the end of a wonderful,

love is like drinking firewhiskey
with the sharp burn of pain
and the feeling of elation
and being high off of fumes
that follows.

self-love, love between partners, loving friends,
love within family members, love between strangers,
love, love, love, love, love.

love is the shattering of bonds
and the relinking of chains between peoples
in which the relationship is strengthened,
and their eyes gleam with older knowledge,
wiser now,
having travelling the roads of broken.

commitment, understanding,
communicating between partners,
having silent conversations,
travelling a smooth road.

love is the fights and the brawls,
the angry kisses, the sharp-bladed words
designed to hurt and maim
as the travellers wander along
a foresty road strewn with branches,
rocks, sharp glass, and steep hills.

Love – golden bubble
of pain and elation
Love, the bonds between family, friends —
the shattering of bonds, strengthening of chains
Love- silent conversations while travelling
along a forest road strewn with glass and pain
and the most satisfactory ending.

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