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Please, Vote.

I do not know many things.

My ignorance comes from age, among other cages that entrap me.

The books my fingers flit through only tell so much.
(Only tell one side of the story.)

The internet is vast. Too fast for me to follow. I do not try.

I do know elections in the United States are fast approaching.

I do know that there are many topics that hang in balance over the results.

I do know our environment is slowly being destroyed (and we aren’t doing enough).

I do know our equality between genders is eroded. Slowly. With each disparaging remark, comment.

I do know that the uniqueness of each person – of each race – is still being whittled down to our appearance. To the color of our skin. (White, black, yellow, brown, nothing.)

I do know that the pandemic is still sweeping American citizens away, destroying countless of lives and destroying education for children.

I do know that we have two presidential candidates.

And I do know I am too young to vote.

Your voices – voices of citizens who carry the vote like a sword above their proud heads – can shift the tide. Your voices – because I cannot be apart of them – are the tempest that can change our lives.

So, please, if you can vote, please vote.

If not for you, for us. For the young generation slowly blossoming in a chaotic world. For the red, white, and blue flag of our country. For the slowly collapsing planet.

Lots of love,



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