Our Last Stand

The darkness falls,
with it the stars flicker out,
one by one.

The sun, fiery flame of heaven,
snuffed out,
like a flickering candle
by barest human breath.

Screams echo through the night,
inhumane creatures roam the street,
sharped fanged violence,
sweet, sweet blood,
they call out for.

We are on the front-lines,
bedraggled and half-dead,
freshly out of high school,
our shoulders crumbling under
the weight of the world.

Neil fell last month,
June fell last week,
Sandy fell yesterday,
and only four are left
while the rests cower,
their fingers trembling
behind a wall of disintegrating dust.

We lit a candle yesterday,
man-made light within darkest night,
and if the night burns tonight
with blood and screams,
then we shall link our hands,
fingers interlocked,
and we will die together.

Every breath,
every puff of air
within the horrors of our world,
and our parched throat,
dried up from lack of water and yells…

Our last.

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