One World, Two Different Girls

I wear my hair back,
face make-up free,
my legs are constantly tapping
within my loose jeans.

I wear my hair long,
a hint of blush on my cheeks,
my legs still within my heels,
skirts swish around my thighs.

Sweat does not bother me,
not when I run or when I play
with the boys in soccer
and I laugh when I score.

I prefer to play the piano,
with my fingers running along
the porcelain white keys,
a small hum as I play.

I laugh rowdily
and smile roguishly
at any girl or boy who comes my way,
What can I say?
I’m not picky.

My laughs flutter like a butterfly,
my smiles flit away every second,
I smile gracefully at the boy in front of me,
my heart pounds in my chest,
I don’t know if he likes me.

The bar is loud and sticky,
my friends cackling around me,
this wonderful night,
filled with stars and the high
coming off of winning.

The house is warm and cozy,
my cat and my parents for company,
this wonderful night,
filled with the stars and midnight sky
and a boy who makes me smile
like a warm breeze settling over my shoulders.

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