Positive Effects About Coronavirus: Five Truths

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a proper article.

But, here I am, my fingers dancing across the keyboard in hopeful strokes that perhaps, perhaps, this article will turn out to be alright in the end.

The thing about this pandemic is that it chews at the very seams of our lives. It chews and it bites and it watches with happiness as every semblance of normality we ever had falls apart. It laughs as we reach towards our friends, only to be separated by a glass panel of unbreakable fear. It smiles as we hunker down in our bed, surrounded by our laptop and computer, listening to the droning voice of the television muttering again about the effects of quarantine and the latest victims.

This is why I am here to reaffirm some truths about quarantine.

While I have found this isolation to be annoying and slightly hard to deal with, quarantine has allowed me to become a better person – a stronger person. And, I believe, if the coronavirus pandemic did not happen this year, I do not think I would have had the same chances I had this year.

These truths about quarantine will not deal with the facts about coronavirus. They will deal with becoming a better person during quarantine, filling your empty time with meaningful activities, and working on self-identity. They will deal with the positive effects of quarantine because every night has a moon.

  1. Quarantine allows you to read.

    Reading, to many, may seem trivial. It seems like another menial task that you have to do for school because your teachers have assigned it for homework. However, on the other hand, reading can open your eyes to a world of truths. Read feminist books. Read books about equality. Read fantasy books – they suck you into a world of color, teaches you important lessons why the main character does something oh-so stupid, and spits you back out again into your world.
  2. Quarantine allows you to find a hobby.

    Time between dinner and the end of work (or school) seems to drag on. Find something to do to fill this time. I’ve taken up sewing (my mother says I’m a grandma at heart. I don’t believe her… It’s called “wanting to design something of my own even though I’m not that good at it and can only do a bunch of flowers”.) Take up writing (I’ve done this as well… Nanowrimo is coming up as well). Or, simply, look up “hobbies” online and pick one that sounds interesting to you.
  3. Quarantine allows you to spend time exercising.

    I would say almost everyone during quarantine has found the house to be suffocating. Get off the couch, walk around outside, do a few exercise videos… Don’t be a couch potato. But, honestly, I would say, with all the stories I have heard, quarantine has allowed many people to have the time to exercise and get their body in shape, even though the food that we eat combats this.
  4. Quarantine gives you a chance to be introspective.

    I ended up doing this self-introspection thing through all of quarantine. It was me against the world, and I wanted to know what I could do to make this school year the best one yet. I applied for leadership positions (and got them!), created my own club, and have been working on making myself more independent than reliant on my friends. It’s quite simple, really. Write down all your goals on a paper – or just rant out your frustrations in a book. Spend some free time thinking about what you want to do this year and how you will achieve it. Think about what you can improve about yourself – what your friends don’t like about you – and work on making yourself into a better person.
  5. Quarantine allows you to make your friendships stronger.

    Zoom meetings. Google Meets. If your friendship can survive this tumultuous time with regular contact, I would say you have good friends. If your friends don’t regularly check in on you – or if you don’t check in on them – then your friendship may be just surface level. So… quarantine is good for rooting out the bad weeds in friendships.

These truths about quarantine – these positive affirmations, if you will – are what make this time so special (besides the fact it will be in our history books). In reality, this coronavirus has not been all negative. It is a time where we can learn from our mistakes. It is a time where we have the time to get involved in politics. It is a time where we can breathe in and relax from the normal stress of our normal daily routines (normal meaning the time before coronavirus).

It has come with good tidings and good wishes for our future.

Lots of love,


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