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wearing a mask, not to protect, but to breathe

It began in early September,
where the sun made his bed in the early hours of day,
and retired to his study in the late hours of the afternoon.

Cloth coverings, of black and white matter,
were used to protect the people
from breathing
in the virus.

The sun rose one day,
and with it rose the flaming pits of
And sparks leapt and flew,
in outrage and in play,
from tree to tree, house to house.

The sky became gray,
the morning sun, bright and cheerful,
turned red with anger to see the destruction of his land.

Ash, like whirling pieces of snow,
fell down to earth,
angels from the fieriest heavens.

Cloth coverings covered nose and mouth,
as coughs erupted in a cacophony of noise,
only quelled by face masks,
even then not suppressed.

That is how the face masks,
turned from devil’s advocate to angel,
protected the people from illness,
and became the savior of the lungs.


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