I Wish

I Wish to fly among the stars,
a soaring comet in the dark night sky.

I Wish to laugh with the nymphs,
a forever life in a green forest deep.

I Wish to sing with the mockingbirds blue,
a concert for love, not for glory.

I Wish to pet a unicorn’s mane,
run my fingertips along its shimmering horn.

I Wish to run wild with the wind,
a feisty child of the untameable.

I Wish to dance with the sparkling fire,
sparks jumping from side to side.

I Wish to crawl with the littlest of ants,
a hug enveloped in a big family.

I Wish to live on the silvery crescent moon,
leaning back and enjoying the silence.

I Wish to sleep on the clouds,
the soft airiness supporting my weary soul.

Wishes, flighty with dreams of feathery wings,
disappear into the night sky,
a North Star for only my eyes.

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