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in a moment of time

in a moment of time,
a brief blow of a breeze,
a slight blink, a missed scene,
the house of cards can come crumbling down.

it was friday night,
the moon was high,
a luminous bowl of white wine in the sky.

you and i, on the run,
from our responsibilities.

our car was blasting music,
shared smiles, sly glances,
the smell of chocolate still heady in the air,
candy bars scatted across the floor.

intersection came, stoplight ran green,
our car skidded ahead,
soft smiles,
the sound of happy ending coursing through our blood…

and the blood, oh the blood,
red river flowing from your head,
and the crash still ringing in my ears,
our chocolate bars scattered across the ground,
the smell of wine permeating from the other car,
and the music still singing happy endings.

Drunk driving is not safe driving. If you have been drinking, do not get in the car. Call a sober friend, or call a Uber.

Never drink and drive.


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