Silvery orb hanging in night sky,
watching dots of silver
fly by
on six-laned highways. 

dots of silver hardly stop,
at gas stations,
the occasional human
around its empty lots,
averted eyes.

three cars
pull away reluctantly
from the endless current
drawn to empty lots
and open skies.

girl with silver-lined eyes
her dreams in dark coffee,
staring into starry sky.

man with weathered hands,
weathered face,
nods wearily to his gas tank,
slumping against white-washed car,

a couple giggles, blissfully unaware,
hearts intertwined, wishing on a shooting star.
hand in hand,

they dream.

one by one,
the stragglers disappear
into their cars
chugging slowly along
the six-laned highway
underneath a silvery orb.

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