Thoughts of a Child

Whimsical, light-hearted thoughts of a child

the wind is blowing
and the swing is slowly swinging side to side,
but i hate swings.

and my mom won’t let me eat ice-cream
(apparently, it’s unhealthy)

so i decided i wasn’t going to speak to her today
but then i got a cut on my knee
and then i had to speak to her.

who cares about healthy? who cares about school?

i want to stay at home and lay in my bed
but i have too much energy, so i’ll play with my friends.

my parents don’t let me talk to the giants,
apparently they are called “adults”.
they don’t scare me because i am not a princess.
i am a brave knight.

mummy needs to tuck me into bed,
and the night is slowly falling on us,
and i want to stay awake,
but my eyes are closing.


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