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a chain of events

small flower, dainty petals,
droplets of dew and rain mingle,
touched fingers, shy smiles,
linked hands: friends.

school smarts, family broken,
inseparable, we fight and rage,
friends forever, we vow together,
always you and me.

middle school, everything changes,
you with your new group of friends,
of athletes and pretty girls,
beauty never blossomed for me.

high school falls, i fall with it,
glasses perched delicately, shattered perceptions,
alone i wail, alone i cry,
i see your smiles, your winking eyes.

high school never ends, year after year,
and i fall at your feet in tears,
expecting cold, you offer me warmth,
apologies accepted, new start.

college crawls by,
but it’s you and me again,
a little tentative, a little shy,
a small flower blossoming in the sky.


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