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Old Prejudices

We live in a world torn apart by prejudices.

A world torn apart by divisions between genders.

Between colors.

Between each other.

Women received the right to vote in America on August 18, 1920 with the passing of the 19th Amendment.

Old prejudices have not changed.

In households, traditions are upheld. In mine, women cook, clean, do the laundry, and other household activities. Men fix, carry the burden of winning the bread, and act strong.

Crying is ladylike.

You see, perhaps the world outside has changed. The old prejudices instilled within us has not.

Can’t you see?

Freedom for women still means shackles.

Invisible shackles named Tradition.

Chains named Domestic.

Cuffs named Suppression.

Things with women and men cannot change unless these traditions are uprooted and thrown out the window.

Female emancipation may have begun with the right to vote.

It is still continuing, and we have not see the end yet.

We have yet to see a female president.

We have yet to more women taking the place of men at the helm of this new and changing world.

Old prejudices must be changed before women can truly be free.


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