Nothing Will Be The Same

Nothing will be the same, you see?

The masks, the gloves…

We’re all afraid to touch each other. We don’t want to be in enclosed spaces surrounded by living breathing people who can…

I shudder to even think about it.

And the poor children! How they must go to school… haven’t you heard about the schools in Georgia and other states with the outbreaks? How horrid. And they have to attend in uncomfortable masks that have them breathing through cloth…

But it’s necessary, yes? Because nothing can stop the spread of the virus. The masks and the gloves… oh, those are but potential road blocks, items that can effectively halt the spread.

Businesses are closing down. That lovely bakery that you loved at the corner of your street? Gone. That store that you always went to because you loved the employees? Gone.

Everything is disappearing in a puff of smoke. For those bound for college, I pity you. You will not experience the wondrous life of freedom for the first year. And, for those still in high school like I am, we lose time to amp up our college applications.

The streets are mostly empty. But, some days, the stores are bustling because people are coming out of their little hidey-holes to go shopping. One cough, and everyone disperses. Reminds me of the TB except less scary and harmful.

I worry for the future of this world. Even if this pandemic has brought out the lovely sides of people we never see, such as those on the front lines. A salute to you! But, on the other side, there are people who have shown such a blatant ignorance in the face of this pandemic… the worst part is that these ignorant people are the faces of this pandemic!

This will go down in the pages of history, and we can do nothing to stop it, can we? No, we can’t. Maybe one day I’ll get my name on the pages of history, but that day will either not come or will be in the far, far future. The pages of history have no mercy for this pandemic. Some days, I wish for everything to stay the same.

Even still, as I lounge on my couch doing homework while face-timing my friends, I have to admit…

Nothing will ever be the same.

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