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When We Were Young

our feet pattered against the floor
in happiness, we crowed as we raced
towards the pole, our hands stretched out
i touched it first, laughing.

the sun was warm and the glow was strong
ice cold water against our lips, as we splashed
in the pool, slapping water at each other
in childish delight.

homework were sheets of blank paper
students were one and the same, causing
trouble like the mischief makers we were,
and smiling throughout the entire day.

trouble came in the form of kicks and accidental
trips over feet that came out of the air,
and punishments were silence and no cell phone
and yells and lectures that bounced off the walls.

innocence faded with elementary school,
and tears and scowls appeared more frequently
that started from smiles and laughing on cloud nine,
from social circles and the packets of homework.

but friends remained and friends,
and hands linked together in unity
because we were stronger, smarter, and faster
and we are the generation who will be the change.

when we were young
everything was black and white,
and darkness resided in the deepest corners of the world,
but in our world, everything was light.


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