Take Your Opportunities

An opportunity is a mere butterfly gliding quickly in front of you. Cup the butterfly in your hands, and you have caught your opportunity. Let it fly away, and you remain stranded in the same place you have always been.

It took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t taking my opportunities, and I was staying stagnant in both my social life and personal life. I was letting them fly by me in the wind.

It wasn’t until last year that I began trying to take my opportunities and create new opportunities for myself. I began researching writing competitions, and I founded a new club with one of my friends.

While not all of these opportunities will prove to fruition, taking them will help develop you as a person, and teach you new skills that you have never learned before. You learn how to develop your creative side, all while learning life long lessons that will prove important in the future.

Furthermore, taking opportunities fills your life up with vibrant splashes of color. From splashes of yellow where your opportunities do live up to expectation to splashes of green when you hit an even bigger jackpot, taking opportunities can do mostly no harm. Except when you have something to lose. Then, if you have something to lose, I would say to look both ways before crossing the road.

Nevertheless, I think this quote from a poem perfectly summons it up.

To put meaning in one’s life may end in madness,/ But life without meaning is the torture/ Of restlessness and vague desire

Edgar Lee Masters

Lots of love,


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