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My Lovely Broken Butterfly

Alone we face our fears,
Shrunken heart breaking down in tears.
Hush, they tell us not to cry,
My lovely broken butterfly.

Red lipstick, cracked smile,
Sharp mascara hiding pain exiled.
Broken glass within soft curls,
Scarred neck adorned with pure pearls.

Weary through hundred difficult trials,
Heartbeat hollow, one for each mile.
Seams slowly picked apart,
Shattered wings, broken heart.

Soldier, pick up your rifle,
Throw shoulders back, screams stifled.
Nurse, throw on your gown,
Warm smiles replace despairing frowns.

Raw heart dripping blood.
From eyes where pearly streams flood,
Hidden behind smiles and laughter,
Each sunny morning after another.

Alone we face our fears,
Shrunken heart hidden by happy tears.
Hide your shattered cries,
My lovely broken butterfly.

I just got word yesterday that my poem was accepted into the Cambridge Hall Poetry Journal! It’s my first writing piece accepted to a literary magazine. Eek!!!!!

Anyways, that’s all.

Lots of love and keep writing,



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