A Rainbow of Emotions

Colors of rainbow
Feelings woven together
Some clearly defined.

Slashes of red paint
Great volcano explosion
Unrestrained anger.

Dots of orange paint
Erratic breaths, knees bouncing
Loop of nervousness.

Splash of yellow paint
Shimmering golden sunrise
Sparks of happiness.

Sharp cracks of green paint
Running over broken heart
Pain of jealousy.

Soft swirls of blue paint
Ocean tide retreating back
Sadness sweeping in.

Whirls of purple paint
Gliding through the shadows

Bubbles of pink paint
Happy laughter with best friend
Golden heart of love.

Curtain of gray paint
Deep hopelessness and despair
Endless suffering.

Blank canvas hanging
Absence of color and thought
Staring blankly, numb.

Colors of rainbow
Feelings woven together
Gray areas meld.

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