Life is a Circle

A soft fluffy little chick
Trembling, emerges from white broken egg.
The egg must be laid by a chicken
But the chicken must appear from an egg,
So the question still remains,
Which came first, I beg,
The chicken or the egg?

Draw a perfect circle,
And you will see,
A circle has no beginning.
The line goes around without a start or an end,
A simple loop that is hard to comprehend.

Life is a circle,
That much is known.
An adult to a child
Back again is how the way goes.

If life is a circle,
Then the dilemma of the chicken and the egg
Becomes somewhat much simpler
And requires only one correct response
So arguing is prohibited, something no one ever wants.
For the chicken is part of the cycle of an egg,
And an egg is part of the cycle of a chicken,
Thus, the answer is, my friend,
A circle has no beginning nor an end.

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