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Life in Color

The sun rises, ever so bright,
Pink, orange, and yellow slashes in the light,
Outside air is still quite misty,
Green plants tilted downwards hastily.

Yellowing lawn is sprinkled with dew,
Roses, daisies, and lilies – red, purple, and blue,
Houses before me are still and silent,
Gravel road untrodden as it brightens.

Inside is warm and cozy,
Warm light emanates from next to me,
My desk is cluttered with all sorts of papers,
White, blue, pink, and yellow with multi-colored neighbors.

Breakfast will be at the marbled table,
Black, grey, and white whorls dancing across the label,
Mother and Father will be out walking,
And my sister and I will be sneakily watching bright flashes of color talking.

Sun rises, higher in the topaz-colored sky,
I worry fretfully about piles of homework as it nears the end of July,
Purple pencil twirls in my right-hand
Like a ballerina in the fairyland.

The sky is brilliant blue,
White poofy clouds mar the clear view
Green trees stand tall and strong, shiny leaves aflutter,
I am grateful for this life in color.


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