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Standing Up For What We Believe In

Standing up for what we believe in is a choice.

We are not forced.

We can truly stand on the sidelines and watch the world revolve. We can be the silent audience, looking on at the show.

Tendrils of power float beneath your fingers. It’s a harness, tied to the back of a horse that can take you far and wide. It’s a present without a cost.

But will you take it?

Standing up for what we believe in is a choice.

But it is hard.

You fight and rage against the rolling tide, spreading you palms wide, and holding back the fragile wall of glass before it cracks because you are desperately trying to stand for your beliefs that are falling apart around you. You see your friends with opposite beliefs who look at your with a sneer on their face as you pass by, and you just feel so alone.

And you feel as if you are drowning, as tidal waves continue forcing you closer and closer to the ground.

Standing up for what we believe in is a choice.

It comes with triumphs in blazing gold flames.

You can see your family smiling up at you as you talk about your beliefs in front of the school, and you can see your peers and classmates hanging onto every word. You laugh with happiness and recklessness as you lead a parade, the strength of a thousand people behind you lifting you up. You grin as you see people around the world doing the same things, each person offering a hand to the other until there are thousands of people around the world with their hands and hearts linked.

And you feel as if you are floating, as if you have reached the clouds.

You think to yourself, “Maybe the hardships were worth it. I’m glad I stuck it out to the end.”

Standing up for what you believe in is a choice.

It is a choice of whether we stand up or sit down.

And I refuse to sit down.


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