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How to Build a Stronger Immune System

Having a strong immune system is important in times of a pandemic. Although the streets remain silent and people stay in their homes, the country is reopening, and the virus is spreading. The truth is, staying indoors has not helped our immune system; perhaps it has weakened our immune system.

The Internet has been buzzing with controversies regarding the coronavirus ever since the start of the pandemic. From wearing a mask or not wearing a mask to false immune-system protector remedies, people are more susceptible to misinformation than ever before. In reality, we want to keep our immune system balanced and ready to fight against any virus and disease that drifts around in our homes and the streets.

Pills and drinks are not the solution to building a stronger immune system and maintaining that strong immune system. No. Instead, we must rely on changes in our daily life to live both the best life we can live and improve our immune response to diseases.

Furthermore, lots of stress can lead to a decrease of the immune system, especially if that stress is prolonged. In times of a pandemic, stress shoots up, and your immune system drops, leading to more urgency to get your immune system in top shape.

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

I cannot stress this enough. Exercising is one of the key ways to build up our immune system. Your heart beats faster while exercising, allowing it to become stronger; the same goes for your lungs as well as other muscles. Furthermore, the more the heart pumps blood, the more white cells released into the body; these white cells attack bacteria. This makes you better equipped to deal with illnesses.

However, do not over-exercise. Like everything else, exercise in moderation. Over-exercising can weaken your immune response and cause you to become more prone to injuries.

Enjoy nature.

We all know that being outside and basking in the sun is good for our health; we gain the vitamin D that is needed to keep us healthy. Furthermore, the air outside is (usually) cleaner than the circulated air indoors.

It is also quite calming to be among the trees and listen to the birds chirping away and watching the squirrels chase each other around the yard. I live in an urban environment so the quiet is hard to get by, especially within the household. When I am outside and taking a short walk and run by my lonesome and listen to nature, I feel calmer and more relaxed.

Get enough sleep.

Sleeping is one of the most important things in life, both to reduce your stress and to allow your brain and body to rest. Sleeping also enhances your immune system, allowing white blood cells to flow freely.

If I don’t sleep enough the night before, the next day I am irritable, groggy, and unfocused. Not only does sleep enhance your immune system, it allows you brain to recycle all the information you have learned, throw out the useless information, and retain the important information.

Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep. Believe me, it means the world.

If you are having trouble sleeping, try making your room cooler, adjusting your pillows, or doing some relaxation exercise before your sleep. Keep your phone away from your bed; this means no scrolling through Instagram before closing your eyes.

Visit here to learn about seventeen tips to get more sleep.

Those are three ways to enhance your immune system response. Like everything else, there is much more to your immune system than the bare minimum – fighting off disease – and must be maintained at top condition at all costs to have the most effective response to bacteria or viruses that infiltrate your body. I may have not mentioned a few other ways to enhance your immune system; feel free to add more in the comments!

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