A Basic Synopsis On Feminism

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men were created equal

Declaration of Independence

Our country is founded on the basis of equality.

Yet, inequality is a prevalent theme throughout history, especially regarding gender equality.

Women in the United States received the vote on August 26, 1920. The earliest country in Europe granted the vote in 1906; the latest granted the vote around the 1960s. Our country’s “liberation of the vote” to women is considered one of the earliest progressive moves, yet we have made little progress in further establishing total gender equality.

Codes of conduct for all gender exist in society. Women are to look pretty, shop, or sit on the futon couch and drink tea. Men are the breadwinners of the family, the fixers of the house, the money bank, and everything else women are not. This has been code for as long as these countries have existed in a reasonable state, and continues to lay out the structure for gender-specific behaviors today.

This is why feminism exists today- to ensure that there will be the equality of all genders in the future. It is not to degrade men, to hate on men, to review and create various attacks men has made on women. It is to support the rising up of women, to revel in being a women, and to have women stand on an equal platform as men beyond an economic standpoint.

The vote was considered a major step for gender equality. Females were suddenly able to cast their vote in the ballot and have their voice heard, even though they were a bit smaller and quieter than men because their lifestyle had been forced on them so much that they simply did not know what to do with this new freedom. Despite this drastic step, society remains at a deadlock, unable to determine how best to ensure more freedom towards women while not sacrificing the male pride.

Feminism is here to ensure that, while the government will not acknowledge it so, gender equality will be established in the future. It is far more than just a word casually used by women. It is a word that can dictate the future of our country, and potentially cause drastic changes in social standings in the years to come.

Women are still being degraded. Out on the streets, we receive cat-calls from overzealous me. We are often turned down for job promotions because their skills are considered to be weak. We are forced into clothes that show off our assets because women are made to look pretty and not look like a tomboy. We are paid less on sport teams because we are worth less than men are worth. In reality, women are considered pretty girls, secondary to mankind.

I have had personal experience with a few of these. In elementary school, girls were supposed to walk on the playground, gossiping, while boys whooped and cheered as they played sports. I joined the soccer on the grass, only to discover that I was the only girl, and was forced to drag my girlfriends along with me. In junior high, I discovered that wearing shorts and a t-shirt was not enough; we were supposed to wear tight shirts and makeup that highlighted our bodies and faces. In high school, I realized that being friends with a boy was like already having a boyfriend, and you could not just talk to a boy without supposedly being interested in them.

I eventually came to realize that such ideals are supported in households. As for mine, I have heard my father many a times say that women do not deserve equal pay on the field because they do not play as well. Furthermore, in my household, even if there is no specific label on the tasks that we partake in, the dishes, laundry, and cleaning of the house are all done by my mother, my sister, or I, and earning the money, as well as fixing leaky pipes in the house, is done by my father.

There is a reason that feminism exists, and it is not to hate on men. That is the truth. Feminists are not man haters. We care about gender equality, about pushing females up to an equal social standing with men. We work on advancing our equality beyond the social and economic standpoint. Meddling in the degradation of men only crumbles our purpose as strong and powerful women; we need men to support our campaign and in criticizing them, we lose the other half of the house we need to gain a full house to bring the attention onto female equality.

In reality, I am less inclined to write about the various critics of man. Along with females, males have been unfairly boxed into corners. If they are mentally ill, they refuse help because society dictates that help is a form of weakness. If they like to read more than play video games, they are picked on and forced to conform themselves to what society wishes them to be.

However, these problems can be solved with feminism. In the words of the amazing and inspiring Emma Watson, “If men don’t have to be aggressive in order to be accepted, women won’t feel compelled to be submissive. If men don’t have to control, women won’t have to be controlled” (HeforShe campaign 2014).

Feminism is about female empowerment. Female empowerment is about equality. And equality is about full gender equality with males beyond the economic aspect.

If you do wish to support feminists in their journey, female or male, here is a link that you can commit to: https://www.heforshe.org/en

Lots of love,


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