Create a Monthly Vision Board for Your Blog

Vision boards are one of the most widely used techniques to write down your goals and plans for the upcoming year. For blogs, this is essential to clarify why you started the blog and what you hope to do with it in the upcoming month.

Monthly vision boards for your blog is a great way to get refocused, especially if you have been neglecting your blog and wish to start again. It’s also a fun and very hands-on craft to do if you have the time to.

Or you can be like me and draw a few bubbles in your journal and write down your goals.

The first rule for this vision board is that these goals for your blog have to be realistic. You can’t just write down you want to reach two hundred followers in a month from 70 followers because that is most likely not going to happen.

For my vision board, I included two mini sections under each of the three big sections. One mini section is titled “Plan”, while the other is titled “Goal”. The plan is what I want to implement in my writing as well as my blogging. The goal is what I want to reach, something that might not happen but is realistic. The goal is very specific, while the plan is broad.

I made this vision board today because I knew this post was coming up. It’s also a bit more fancier than what I am used to. As a result, I probably haven’t implemented anything I have written yet. But, as they all say, tomorrow is a new day.

Here is a sample of my vision board (excuse the bad handwriting):

That is my vision board! I drew it/taped it in my bullet journal, using printed pictures as well as gachi tape.

However, you can do it anywhere, on a blank page of paper or, even better, reusing old cardboard from your Amazon deliveries. Hey, the cardboard is a pretty good idea, if I do say so myself. Besides, it would make for a good vision board, and you would be doing good for the environment.

Lots of love, and vision board time,


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