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10 Ways to Stay Eco-Friendly During Quarantine

Being eco-friendly is more important than ever.

The earth we live on is slowly disappearing beneath our feet. The human emissions of carbon as well as other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere threaten the lives of countless organisms.

Although the politicians at the top steps of the pyramid may not see the urgency, we, the people, can take small steps, especially during quarantine, to show some love to the planet.

How to stay eco-friendly during lockdown:

  1. Cut down energy use.

    Turn off your computer when you are not using it. Wash your clothes with a shorter cycle. While there are those who will take it all the way and completely eliminate some energy sources from their home, I am not telling you that you cannot wash your clothes or that you cannot use your computer.

    Just use them sparingly. And be conscious about how much you use it.
  2. Summer clean.

    Yes, spring has already passed. Yes, it is now summer. And, yes, you can do this thing call “summer cleaning”. Figure out which of your objects you can recycle or donate to a Goodwill center. Figure out which of your objects you can reuse, and maybe even make into a fun project to do in the spare time you have.
  3. Read books on the environment.

    Not only are you educating yourself on the environment, you are also reducing the amount of energy you use in a single day. By reading books about the environment, you kill two birds with one stone.
  4. Take inventory of the items in your home.

    Look through your cabinets and cupboards, and figure out which items you need and which items you can throw away. When you go out to buy these items, aim to buy them as eco-friendly as possible.
  5. Cook new dishes!

    Cooking reduces the amount of take-out you get. Besides, there are quite a few quarantine cooking shows that many qualified chefs are doing that are free and easy to access. Also, you can turn this into a fun bonding time with your friends over FaceTime or with your family. If you are a teenager like me, it’s a good idea to learn how to cook some dishes before college… it also asserts your growing independence.
  6. Challenge yourself to do a DIY project.

    Take old, reusable items and turn them into a fun, trendy DIY project. Access this article here if you are interested in turning old clothes into new items.
  7. Switch to eco-friendly search engine.

    I just recently discovered this, and I was blown away. It is called Ecosia, and it plants a tree for every search you do. As of now, they are trying to get to 100,000,000 trees! Help them reach their goal!
  8. Begin an eco-focused blog/channel.

    While I am not one for the video part, staying eco-friendly is important than ever. What better way to stay eco-friendly than share your ventures into being kind to the planet for everyone out there! This way, you spread awareness about the rapidly evolving disaster the planet is hurtling towards.
  9. Add more plants to your diet.

    Try having one day which is meat-free. Meat, especially beef, is notorious for adding carbon into the atmosphere. The animals themselves require a lot of care, including gallons of water. While this may not be for everyone, it wouldn’t hurt to try!
  10. Try to limit your internet shopping.

    Many of the packaging that comes with the items you order online are unable to be recycled, or must be broken down before being recycled. While I do understand that some may need to do internet shopping because going outside is too dangerous for them, internet shopping is, in essence, harmful to the environment. See if you can go for bagless shopping or reusable bag shopping at your local markets (when you go out), and try to get all the items you can there, instead of coming home and buying items online.

Those are 10 ways to stay eco-friendly! I must say, learning about all these ways you can stay eco-friendly really inspired me. I think my sister and I might soon engage in some DIY projects with old clothes. That would be fun!

Lots of love, and spread love to the environment,



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