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5 Ways To Keep Your Workout Consistent

Working out from home is more essential than ever.

Because we have nothing else to do, we are often sitting in front of our computer, typing away. However, like multiple studies have shown, sitting for long periods of time is damaging to our health. For instance, sitting for a long time causes increased risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and depression and anxiety. But we tend to often overlook these side-effects, however, claiming that sitting is only for one day, and the next day, we will walk around more.

Essential to breaking this sitting practice are workouts. Not only do they get your blood pumping, they get you off of your chair, if nothing else can.

Workouts are notorious for being in and out of our lives. I, for one, found it hard to keep up a workout routine (probably because my parents told me to do it, and I hate doing anything my parents tell me to do). There are some days where we are pumped to workout, and other days where we drag our feet and tell ourselves today will just be a break.

None of those excuses will get you anywhere in the workout world. Working out has to be consistent. Otherwise, workouts will gradually become non-existent in your life.

How to keep a consistent workout:

  1. Block out a chunk of your time during the day for working out.

    When quarantine began, I started blocking out a chunk of my time during the day to workout: 10 am to 12 am. For the first hour, I do a “bedroom workout”, and the second hour my sister and I go out to the backyard to practice soccer. This way, I cannot flake on any of them (because I am known for doing that).
  2. Watch Youtube videos.

    Working out at home can be difficult because of small spaces and no equipment. What I have found really helpful are Youtube videos, not only because there are “no equipment” workouts, but also because it allows me to maintain a schedule during the day.

    I would personally recommend Pamela Reif’s Youtube workouts. She posts a weekly schedule (at least, almost weekly) that allows you to stay consistent. And she has plenty of workouts ranging from thigh workouts to ab workouts that allow you to workout every inch of your body.
  3. Make it something you enjoy.

    Working out, to be honest, is not really fun. The only reason why I enjoy it is that I get to listen to my music in peace, and be alone for about an hour. For those who run in the mornings, enjoy the scenery as you pass by. Don’t associate workouts with pain, or else you will find yourself shying away from them.
  4. Have motivation.

    Like every goal you want to reach in life, you have to have motivation. Why are you working out? Do you even need to workout? Whatever it is, from getting healthy to having a fitter body to show off outside, keep your motivation in mind, and don’t give up.
  5. Have small goals for yourself.

    Set small goals for yourself. For instance, for this week, you just want to workout everyday for twenty minutes. By doing this, you are again pushing yourself to work because you want to reach your goal. And even when you don’t feel like working out, get yourself moving. Take a small jog around the neighborhood, or lift some water bottles for five minutes. Like I said, it does not have to be long and strenuous in the beginning.

Those are five tips and tricks to keeping your workout schedule consistent! If you have any other ways you continue to workout everyday, feel free to leave them in a comments or email me!

Lots of love, and get working out,



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