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How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of our comfort zones is one of the most important things in life we can take on. New challenges bring us to different levels of ourselves, and we take on new and different habits that we would never have thought about.

However, it is one of the hardest things to do.

What is a comfort zone?

Our comfort zone is determined by our stress levels. When we are completely relaxed doing something, we are in our comfort zone. It’s safe as well.

Consider, for example, clothing styles. For me, my comfort zone is in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I feel perfectly comfortable in those, and don’t feel at all stressed.

However, comfort zones can also be a place of stillness or stagnation where we don’t have growth. It stops you from seizing opportunities to grow yourself in new ways you have never done before.

Ways to break out of your comfort zone

Breaking out of your comfort zone is extremely important. Taking such a risk could allow you to grasp opportunities that you would have passed by. It often compares risk between reward. And we have to make the choice: is taking such a risk worth a reward?

  1. Study your fear.

    What is it that makes you shy away from taking such a risk? When does your fear manifest? Often times, doing such a thing would allow you to notice when you are out of your comfort zone. Figuring out your fear will allow you to put yourself in more situations that make you uncomfortable.
  2. Find a reason.

    Like everything, you need to have a reason to pursue your goal. The same goes for breaking out of your comfort zone. You have to have a reason to break out. Is it the tempting allure of getting a leadership opportunity? (That was my reason.) Do you want to reinvent yourself? Do you want to live boldly? Whatever your reason is, use it to break out of your comfort zone.
  3. Make a habit of trying something new.

    The more you do a new thing, the more likely you will be to take new opportunities. As a result, this gradually eases you to breaking out of your safe place. I find it easier to start small, like with dressing differently or eating lunch at a different time. Over time, you will find yourself becoming more bold.
  4. Compare the worst and best outcomes.

    This helped me a lot. Because I am someone who constantly overthinks things, this was a perfect way to help me step out of my comfort zone. There was this leadership opportunity – the chance to start a new club – that I was agonizing over. I was unsure about taking this opportunity because I was worried that I did not have the guts to do it, or I was going to be dropped. After comparing the worst scenario – being told no – and the best scenario – being told yes – I decided I would take it. And I ended up with the best scenario!
  5. Revisit your accomplishments.

    Revisiting your accomplishments will make you feel comfortable in taking a bold step forward. Often times, courage was what allowed you to make that accomplishment. Reminding yourself about this will encourage you to take more chances.

Those are five ways to break out of your comfort zone! I hope you put this into good use. It will surely help you in the future. Leave your thoughts in the comments about times you broke out of your comfort zone, or how you did it!

Lots of love,



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