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Fourth of July: Two Sides of Being an American

Being an American in this day and age holds criticism, scorn, and justice in its name. Our country is going through racial, economic, social, and political upheaval, all in the midst of the coronavirus and ensuing chaos.

This, then, begs the question of whether celebrating the Fourth of July is worth it. What is there to be proud of with the rising Covid-19 deaths and the racial injustice occurring in the streets under the watch of an incompetent president and his cabinet? Is there anything left of the America that was founded this day 244 years ago?

As an American, I find myself quite cynical regarding celebrating this holiday. You look at the average American today and you either see someone who is out of work and struggling to feed their family, someone who knows someone else who is sick with the coronavirus, or someone who is watching the chaos from home on television.

America declared her independence on July 4, 1776.

244 years later, America is once again shackled. Shackled to the laws of injustice. Shackled to the rising deaths. Shackled to a horrible, incompetent president who does not stand for the basis that America was founded on.

And, if you stop reading here, there is a reason to not celebrate this holiday.

However, if you look past the rising death toll, the unemployment rates, and the police violence on the streets, you see a community unified against the chaos. The protests against police brutality and the Confederate statues are done on a basis of patriotism and honors the First Amendment.

On July 9, 1776, mass protests ran across the streets as American colonists beheaded a statue of King George III. In a way, that protest 244 years ago mirrors the toppling of Confederate statues today. June 9, 2020 marked the first of the dominoes to fall on Monument Avenue in Virginia.

The American people are bearing arms together in an act of fierce patriotism to discredit those who dare to blacken the American name. Like King George III held back America from freedom, the Confederate statues hold us back from embracing true liberty and true equality on the streets of America.

The racism protests that line the streets across the country are just another demonstration of the First Amendment being put to use. It is honoring the foundation of equality and liberty that America now stands for, excluding the Founding Father’s views. We are looking at heroes who, like the heroes of America, are standing up for their beliefs and their rights.

So, maybe, there is a reason to celebrate the Fourth of July, even if it is an awful time to be an American.

Just stay six feet apart.

Lots of love, and happy 4th,


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