Written Words: My Muse

My heart begins thudding faster,
As my eyes grow glassier with every second.
I throw my hands up,
Triumph gleaming in every corner of my bone.
I tremble before the scene I have just written,
Something so beautiful I cannot describe.

One Republic plays softly in the background,
Their voices crooning stories of sadness and love,
As I write my own story of darkness and light.
A sense of dread washes over me
Like the early morning tide,
As my eyes blankly scan the computer screen
Words that gleam black against the white,
Words that become a cacophony when combined.
I throw my head down,
Forehead smacking the table,
Realizing that I have no memory of writing any of this,
All must go, beginning with the button

I chew on my lip,
My fingers tingle with a sense of anticipation,
As my mind is sucked into a whirlpool of thoughts .
My dilemma-
Which character should I kill?
The clock ticks by,
Tick, tick, tick,
Ah, yes, she must die today,
Her last breath and last words warm on my cheek.
With a huge smile,
Begin writing her death.

Writing is my therapy,
Written words are my muse
Since I have no voice.
They are my feelings
Since I hold myself close.
Feelings of elation and disappointment
Swirl around in me as I look at my artistic work,
Slowly, I feel my lips pull up,
And I take a deep breath before standing up.
Tomorrow will be a new day
For writing.

Lots of love,


P.S. Last day of 30 day Challenge!!!!!

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