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A Description of School

Rectangular buildings of medium height
Squat around the cracked cement,
Fighting against the willowing trees for favor from the stars
Overlook white paint slashes against dark green grass
Students with rallying cries fill the stadium,
Lights flush against the rapidly setting darkness of the night.

Sun fondly looking down,
Bell rings at exactly 7:45am,
And students file reluctantly into classrooms
The stifling pressure of academics and heat to drown us before and after lunch.
I emerge, sweat crowning my forehead,
Both from the heat and from the grueling set of numbers forced down my throat.

School colors of green and white,
Make me grit my teeth
As they bob around in a crowd around me.
Green and white were never my colors,
And they make my skin look sickly.

My breath whooshes out in front of me,
Over the notebook in front of me full with scribbled writing.
Glance at the clock, the bane of our existence,
Five more minutes.
The arms move ever so slowly,
Drawing out our torture as much as it can.

Sun high in the sky,
Bell rings at exactly 2:40pm,
And students rush out of their classrooms,
A team of swarming ants against the teachers.
Relief pours off their skin,
As the mad scramble for home, sports, or the library begins.

I walk up the sidewalk, past the cracked bench,
The traffic light flicks to red,
And I cross, a vulnerable target to all.
Familiar silver van in dark, worn-down parking lot
My feet slap against the pavement as my rush to freedom ends.
“How was your day?” Mother asks.

Lots of love,


P.S.: 30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 26- Description of my school



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