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Five Ways to Stay Motivated and On Task

In quarantine, we have more time than ever to finish those essential tasks that we kept putting off in the beginning of the year because we were too busy.

Unfortunately, quarantine also means that we have more time than ever to procrastinate on those essential tasks. And become sidetracked through social media, television, or surfing the internet.

Here are five ways to stay motivated and on task:

  1. Have a visual To-Do List.

    Writing your to-do list down makes the activities seem tangible and cemented. While many rely on their memory for this list, they can just as easily set some activities aside and make the excuse that “they forgot”. Having a to-do list eliminates this possibility.

    Also, as a sidenote, don’t make your to-do list too long. I often have a to-do list of three or four activities. That way, I don’t feel too rushed and more inclined to do something to “relax”.
  2. Create a schedule.

    Recently, I’ve created a daily schedule in my bullet journal. It outlines what my “ideal day” looks like. While I do allow some veering away from the schedule, I tend to stay on the clock so that I don’t find myself suddenly scrolling through Snapchat, or what not.

    Also, it organizes all my priorities into a healthy day, where I don’t have to worry about forgetting to do something.

  3. Give yourself a quick break between activities.

    Think of it as a quick reward for finishing an activity without getting side-tracked. When you do get side-tracked, don’t give yourself a break – positive punishment, if you well.
  4. Be intentional.

    Why are you doing what you are doing? If you don’t have the “why”, then you’re never going to stay motivated.
  5. Put your phone to the side.

    Lock your phone in another room, if you will. Don’t look at your phone for the duration of your activity. It’s a major distraction from whatever you doing. I find myself scrolling through Pinterest while I’m supposed to be working on summer homework.

    Look at your phone during your quick break, if you must. A reward.

    Unless you need your phone for that activity. Then, don’t lock your phone in another room. That would be disastorous and not helpful.

    But if you don’t need your phone, don’t have it with you. You’ll only get distracted and end up scrolling on your phone for the duration of the activity, rather than get that activity done.

Those are five ways to stay motivated. Believe me, it’s harder than it reads on paper. And I know it because I’ve picked up my phone five times while writing this post.

Yes, I know. It should be in another room. But my friends are setting up a date to meet up casually while all being six feet apart. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyways, those are five ways to stay motivated.

You’re welcome to add more in the comments!

Lots of love,



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