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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 16- Someone I miss

I suppose the first time when I read this prompt, I thought the person I was supposed to miss was someone who had passed on. It’s interesting where my mind goes.

Then, I realized that this person was someone who could have moved away, grown apart from you, or, like I first thought, isn’t here anymore.

I don’t suppose there is anyone I miss very much. I have had friends move away, grow apart…

In junior high, I had three other friends who, with me, formed a group of four. We were inseparable, or so I thought, and we were good friends. Maybe not “best” friends, but we were “good” friends.

But when high school came, change happened. One of my friends moved to a nearby high school, another moved across the country to Georgia, and the other grew apart to her own set of friends.

I do miss them and their friendship. It was nice to talk to them, hang out together, feel like I was part of a family.

We still keep in touch, from time to time, but it’s different. I would say that I am closer to the one that moved to a nearby high school than the one who moved to Georgia than the one who is still in the same high school. It’s funny how things work out.

We’ve grown apart, like everyone else.

While I know there are still new people to meet, new opportunities to grab, I will always miss their friendship and our little “group” together.

Lots of love,



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