30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 14- Describe My Style

I never really thought about me having a particular style to the way I dress. I normally enjoy t-shirts and shorts on a hot summer day. I do not particularly like dresses or skirts because they constrict the movement of my legs.

Tennis shoes are my go to because it allows me to move easily. Adidas is great.

When it’s cold, then all the sweatshirts come out and the sweatpants. Adidas sweatpants to be

When it’s cold, I look like a polar bear beneath at least three layers of clothes. I live in California where sunny weather reigns supreme, and winter is really not that cold at all compared to other states.

That shows you how pathetic I am during winter in California.

Anyways, like I said, my style is casual.

Or casual with a little of flair. You know, when I wear a dress to school because I want to be a little “fancier”. Or a maybe a pretty blouse or a romper.

Because, you know, when you want to go a little fancier sometimes.

But, really, school doesn’t allow for that much room in dress code.

And I dress to blend in with the crowd. I’d rather look like a fish in a sea of students rather than a fashion shark in a sea of fish. That’s just how I roll.

So that’s my style. Casual, it is.

Lots of love,


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