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Burdens and Secrets: Opening Your Eyes

Just because someone carries it well does not mean it is not heavy.


We look at the people around us, and see people who have better lives than us. We look at ourselves and think that we are lowly creatures who are less intelligent and less beautiful than them.

Yet everyone around you carries their own burden.

They may be smiling and laughing, but they carry their own dark secrets that weigh them down.

The difference is that you cannot see their burdens beneath their smiles.

Others carry their burdens differently. It shows on their face, turns their smiles upside down, and causes their shoulders to slump. You can see that they carry their own dark secrets; it shows on their face.

It doesn’t matter that people wear their burdens differently.

We have to know that everyone has burdens. This knowledge will not only make us more aware, but it will make us kinder towards the rest of the world.

In times of toughness, we can gather our strength and push forward because we know that there are people out there struggling like us. And in times of relaxation and rest, we can lend our strength to others because we know that there are still people out there struggling.

No matter where we are in the world, there will be people carrying their own burdens around us. Like us, they are carrying their own secrets that weigh them down. Some just wear it better than others. In some, you can’t even see their burdens beyond their smiles.

But beyond their artificial appearances and their genuine laughs, there is the darker side of them buried within.

We all carry secrets.

It’s up to us to decide how we deal with others and if we wield this knowledge correctly (not for blackmail) and smartly (to help others in times of need).

Awareness can open our eyes truly to the world around us. How we do with this vision is our choice.

Lots of love, and open your eyes


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