The Crisis of Climate Change: Overwhelming the World

And, yet, the summer heat continues roiling in. Despite the recent protests and the coronavirus, the heat rises and rises, until, soon, all of us will succumb.

But that’s a problem that lawmakers and politicians keep dancing around. Climate change, or, rather, climate warming is a serious problem around the world. Our president’s actions have done nothing but encourage the production of fossil fuel gases that are, in turn, greenhouse gases. If you have not heard of it yet, the United States withdrew from the Paris Agreement in the year of 2017. As one of the world’s greatest producers of carbon – a potent gas that makes up for most of the greenhouse gases in the atmospheres – our withdrawal from the Paris Agreement practically makes it worth null.

We know the data. Carbon gas emissions are rising rapidly. Since 2018, carbon gas accounted for 82% of greenhouse gas emissions, most of it from transportation, industry, electrical production, among other activities. That is just the United States alone. Account the rest of the world, and Earth’s situation becomes dire. And, unfortunately, with rising greenhouse gas emissions, the heat of the sun will be trapped within the Earth’s atmosphere. With rising greenhouse gas emissions, the temperature rises as well, causing the climate warming.

Climate warming does more than cause sweat to run down our foreheads at every second of the day. It causes glaciers to melt, animal habitats to erode, and more dangerous weather events. Melting glaciers cause the sea levels to rise, threatening coastal cities. Animal habitats being destroyed results in animals becoming endangered, thus causing the tilting of the animal food chain. More dangerous weather events cause plants – the source of food for animals – to be endangered, and causes social harm onto humans, in which more cities are destroyed and people are killed.

While during the coronavirus, the carbon dioxide emissions have fallen, it has only fallen temporarily. Already, carbon dioxide emissions are rising again, as with the reopening economy.

The United States has decided to not take action to stop climate change because the leaders who dictate the decisions of the United States declare it to be so. Yet, the people – all around the world – are rising up. From the likes of Greta Thunberg to your average neighbor, we are all aware of the climate change. Even the politicians are aware. However, the difference between the politicians and Greta Thunberg is that the latter takes action and the former sit back in their comfortable chairs in their million dollars houses while watching the news of coastal cities drowning.

Here, in California, two cities and more are on the verge of drowning – Balboa Island and Pacifica. They are already combatting the rising sea with sea walls and managed retreat; sea walls eliminate beaches, and managed retreat causes people to lose their homes. Florida has it even worse; climate change is causing increased flooding. And even though children and the young generation are stepping up and filing lawsuits to stand up for climate change, the politicians bat them away like annoying flies. With coronavirus affecting the economy, even the very measures to combat the rising sea are coming under siege due to the strain on the economy.

There is still hope for future generations. These younger generations are rising up and yelling with their voices to draw awareness to climate change. And it’s working. People are starting to take notice. People are starting to take action such as eliminating plastic from their households, recycling, beginning protests, among other actions.

There is a way that everyone can help combat the rising climate change.

From small actions – eliminating plastic – to bigger actions – filing a lawsuit – we all can play a role in the climate change crisis.

The question is, will we be the bystanders or those that take action?

And will we be too late when we truly open our eyes to the danger looming in front of us?

Lots of love, and stand up for climate change,


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