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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 10- Your Best Friend

Aw. Best friends.

They assume I have one.

I don’t. Yet.

During elementary school, I used to have no shortage of best friends. I churned out best friends easily; everyday was a new best friend.

But, as we grow older, best friends become the people closest to you, founded on a sturdy base of empathy, loyalty, and trust. They are the people that listen to you when you are down; they go out of their way to make sure you are doing alright; they accept all your flaws; they have your back.

Best friends should not put you down. It’s a rule of a best friend.

And, a best friend relationship should be mutual. Both have to be best friends to each other.

A person needs time, loyalty, and trust to build a best-friend relationship.

And, unfortunately, I haven’t found a best friend yet, or enough time, loyalty, or trust to form a best friend relationship.

But I do have no shortage of friends.

I just need a best friend.

And I will… in the future.

I hope.

Lots of love,



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