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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 9- Happiness is Subjective


I get to use my favorite phrase again.

Happiness is subjective.

Truly, it is. For one person, drawing fantastical characters on paper makes them happy. For another, drawing makes them frustrated and angry, and makes them want to throw paper cups across the room (Me!).

But happiness is not feeling happy. It’s feeling content and satisfied. And the phrase “happiness is subjective” means that your form of happiness may not be happiness to someone else.

Happiness cannot be achieved by waiting for your future to come to you. We cannot find happiness. You have to look for happiness, surround yourself with positivity, and be willing to push yourself harder than ever.

We have to change our views of the world to feel better about the world.

Relationships are an extremely important part about living in happiness. We must surround ourselves with people who make us smile, who we personally like and enjoy, and people who we feel satisfied in a relationship with.

A longitudinal study done by Harvard followed a set of Harvard sophomores for their entire life, from within the Great Depression to their death. They found that the people who said that they were satisfied and content in their relationships were more likely to grow old. You can find more information on the original study here.

Now, you know that happiness is subjective. It cannot be found but must be looked for. We have to look at our world through different lenses, although, maybe, not through rose-colored lenses. And we must have a happy and healthy relationship with our partners and the people around us.

But there is one more thing.

We were constantly looking at the bigger picture. How can we make our career push forward? How can we make ourselves become valedictorian of our high school?

That type of thinking is on a fast-track to nowhere. You must look at the smaller picture. Bask in the simple pleasures of your life – jokes, warm days, beautiful memories – and you will find yourself much more content with your life.

Now, you must be wondering, what must a high school student know about happiness? I don’t know a smidge about happiness, except what I have researched on the internet because I am only a high school student. But I find that all of these tips – different lenses, must be looked for, good relationships, and simple pleasures – are all essential to just feel content about the stressful days in my life of dealing with homework, AP classes, rude friends, and all the drama of high school.

While I am a high school student, I can look for happiness, just like the millions of adults and children looking for happiness. And now, armed with these techniques/weapons, I will be traveling over the desert and into the woods to find that elusive trail of happiness that is darting ahead of me (I’m really not).

The point I’m trying to make is that everyone can look for happiness. It doesn’t matter what happened in your past, if you just happened to spill coffee on yourself in this very moment… it doesn’t matter what age you are, what gender you are, who you are.

Happiness waits for nobody.

It is up to us to follow its trail and look for it avidly. Start by basking in the simple pleasures, then build up your relationships… because through those two steps, you’ll find yourself looking at the world through different lenses.

But don’t forget…

What may be one man’s treasure may be one man’s trash.

Don’t brag about your happiness or try to force your happiness on others because it will just make you and others less happy.

Lots of love, and bask in the simple pleasures,



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